Synchronize portfolio

In the next steps via the API you are going to patch the portfolio by adjusting the cash amount in order to trigger new order recommendations.

Order recommendations are typically triggered by:

  • changes in the portfolio holdings e.g. the cash amount
  • changes to the policy
  • market conditions



To get the portfolio ID search the portfolio at, select it and copy the ID from the browser URL bar.


PATCH /v1/portfolios/{id}

Example request body

  "portfolio": {
    "cash": 60000,
    "unit": "SHARES"

Try it with Postman

  1. Select the PATCH method and provide the URL{id}.
  2. Change header: add key Content-Type, value application/json.
  3. Add authorization: select type Bearer Token, fill in the token you created earlier, see Authentication.
  4. Fill in the Request Body. Select raw and copy-paste above Example request body.
  5. Click "Send". You should receive an updated version of the portfolio object.

Postman screenshot

Last Updated: 7/9/2019, 8:06:26 AM