Get order recommendations

You integrate with the Investsuite Advisor by patching portfolios either live or in bulk, see How it works. Each patch results in an order recommendation. These are returned in an asynchronous fashion. To get the actual recommendation you poll the /v1/portfolios/{id}/orders endpoint until you receive a 200 response.

Order recommendations are typically triggered by:

  • changes in the portfolio holdings e.g. the cash amount
  • changes to the policy
  • market conditions


To get the portfolio ID search the portfolio at, select it and copy the ID from the browser URL bar.


GET /v1/portfolios/{id}/orders

Example response

  "current_solution": {},
  "optimal_solution": {},
  "portfolio_update": {
    "improvement": {
      "constraint_violation_fraction": {
        "improved_by": 540,
        "sufficiently_improved": true
      "constraint_violation_pctpoints": {
        "improved_by": 0.9,
        "sufficiently_improved": true
      "objective_value": {
        "improved_by": -1424.8891636854626,
        "sufficiently_improved": false
    "is_recommended": true,
    "orders": {
      "IE00B4M7GH52": 1009.4583742303915,
      "IE00B8KGV557": 1008.4054608726688,
      "IE00BDGN9Z19": 3564.8,
      "IE00BM67HQ30": 4232.176318372446,
      "IE00BYM11K57": 2619.5400000000004,
      "LU0290356871": 14876.400000000001,
      "LU0378818131": 10744.22,
      "LU0489337690": 1059.2,
      "LU0952581584": 3475.1,
      "LU1686830065": 11384.550000000003,
      "unit": "BASE_CURRENCY"

Try it with Postman

  1. Select the GET method and provide the URL{id}/orders.
  2. Add authorization: select type Bearer Token, fill in the token you created earlier, see Authentication.
  3. Click "Send". You should receive response body holding the fields above.

Postman screenshot

Last Updated: 6/30/2020, 1:18:59 PM