Create portfolio

An investor can have one or more portfolios. To create a portfolio fill in the portfolio ID, this is typically the identifier in your system, select the applicable Policy and its investors. The Robo advisor will then generate a list of order recommendations. This is an asynchronous process. Therefore the return will be one out of these three:

  • Request is pending, meaning the portfolio is in the queue waiting to be handled.
  • Portfolio is OK, meaning the Robo advisor recommends to keep the portfolio composition as is.
  • A list of buy and sell recommendations.

Since you will be creating a portfolio in this step, the expected outcome is a list of buy orders.



  • Go to the Portfolios overview
  • Click the "Add portfolio"-button.
  • Fill in a Porfoltio ID, typically the portfolio ID from your system.
  • Select your policy.
  • Select your customer.
  • Fill in a cash amount, e.g. € 50.000.
  • Click the "Add portfolio"-button.

Policy screenshot

Last Updated: 7/9/2019, 8:06:26 AM