In this first step you will use Postman - instructions below - to authenticate against the API to receive a JSON Web Token (JWT). Learn more about JWT at When you successfully authenticate copy the access_token you receive in the API Response body for subsequent requests.


POST /v1/auth


name type description required
email string user for (programmatic) access to the API
password string password for (programmatic) access to the API
tenant string Per organisation a tenant exists with an exclusive database to ensure data and configuration settings isolation.

Example request body

  "email": "username",
  "password": "secret",
  "tenant": ""

Try it with Postman

  1. Select the POST method and provide the URL
  2. Change header: add key Content-Type, value application/json.
  3. Create request body. Copy the example's contents and replace username and secret with your credentials.
  4. Click "Send". You should receive a Response body with the field access_token. Copy the value from the access_token field.

Postman screenshot

Last Updated: 6/30/2020, 1:18:59 PM