These step-by-step instructions introduce the important features of the Investsuite Advisor API. At the end of the walkthrough you will have created a portfolio and have received from the Investsuite Robo advisor a list of recommended orders. 🎉

Before you start make sure:

  1. You can access the URLs for the API and Admin console, see Environments.
  2. You know what an API is. This walkthrough's intended audience are product owners and technical profiles that need to estimate how easy it is to integrate with the Investsuite Advisor product.
  3. You have received login credentials for both API and Admin console. Contact us if not.
  4. You have Postman installed getpostman.com/downloads (optional).
  5. You have more of less 60 minutes dedicated time to perform all steps in this walkthrough.

Ready? 3..2..1.. lift off 🚀

Last Updated: 7/8/2019, 9:10:15 PM