API Specification


The Investsuite Advisor API uses the REST protocol and complies to the Open API 3.0 specification, a project of the Open API Initiative (OAI), under the auspices of the Linux Foundation. Find out more about Open API at openapis.org. As a consequence you can read and test the API via the Swagger UI.

Find the Investsuite Advisor API specification at advisor.investsuite.com/api/v1/ui/.

Access the API via Swagger UI

You can launch requests towards the Investsuite API via Swagger UI. To access the Investsuite API first authorize and then perform subsequent requests with the valid JSON Web Token. Here is how:

  1. Open the POST /auth block > click “Try it out” > Fill in the suitable login credentials > click “Execute”.
  2. Click “Authenticate”, paste the access_token value in the input field and click “Authorize”.
  3. You can now send a next request, e.g. Open the GET /roles block > click “Try it out”.

Swagger UI screenshot

Last Updated: 7/1/2019, 2:44:13 PM