The Investsuite Advisor API is a REST API. It is available at advisor.investsuite.com/api. The Admin console is a GUI for administrative access to the Investsuite Advisor. Anything that can be done via the GUI can be done via the API and vice versa. It is available at console.investsuite.com. There are test versions for both the API and the Admin console. You access the test versions by prepending the url with uat.

Environment Base URL Description
Advisor API advisor.investsuite.com/api API live environment
Admin console console.investsuite.com Admin console for the live API
Test Advisor API uat.advisor.investsuite.com/api API test environment
Test Admin console uat.console.investsuite.com Admin console for the test API
Last Updated: 7/1/2019, 2:44:13 PM